X-Ray Diffraction Facility

X-Ray diffraction facility in the chemistry department of the ICT operates two X-ray diffraction machines for monocrystals. The diffractometers are equipped to collect data at low temperature (liquid N2 or He). Two permanent staff are in charge of mounting the crystals, collecting the data, and solving the structures on organic as well as organometallic compounds. Sensitive species are also handled.

In addition, the ICT operates one X-ray diffraction machine for powders. This machine is located at the LCC. This machine allows collecting data in reflexion mode on non air sensitive samples, at variable temperatures (-90 to +450°C), but also on air sensitive samples (capillary tubes). The studies allow the identification of the phase, the cell parameters, structure resolution using Rietveld method, variable temperature quantitative analyses.



A 4 cycles diffractometer Bruker Quazar equipped with :

Bruker Quazar


A 4 Cycles Bruker diffractometer D8-Venture equipped with :

 Bruker D8 Venture


 Powder Diffraction Panalytical MPDPro :


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