Turbomolecular vacuum pump

Type: Turbomolecular vacuum pump EDWARDS EXT60.

Technical Data :

- N2 pumping speed: 60L/s
- lower pressure limit: 1.10-7 mbar
- High vacuum line with Ultratorr® fittings, allowing fast manipulation set-up and glass vac-fittings compatible with corrosive applications.
- Ultratorr® compatible glassware for easy experiment set-up (sublimation, distillation…)
- Maximum glassware volume: 5 to 10 litters (depending of air-tightness).

Uses: High vacuum apparatus allows to run non routine experiments where very low pressure is desired. For instance evaporation of high boiling point solvents, sublimation of heat sensitive compounds, short path distillation.

Contact :

Romaric Lenk