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Team "Équipe Chimie Organique et Inorganique des Hétéroéléments"

Our research activities are principally the synthesis of the new type of compounds including main group elements (P, Si, ….) taking advantage of their unique properties. The characterisation of new target molecules require the manipulating techniques under inert gas and the characterisation techniques by spectroscopic methods like multi-nuclear NMR or by the structure analysis by X-Ray diffraction. In Addition, to gain deeper comprehension of these fundamental researches, we often collaborate with different European research groups to obtain a support by the theoretical study. In general, we try to find the practical applications (organic or/and organometallic catalysis, new synthetic methodologies) using our original products, often in association with chemical companies (Rhodia, Bluestar silicones, MAP,….). Specially, we are interested in the design of new catalyst systems for the controlled synthesis of some industrially important classes of polymer such as silicone derivatives.

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