ReactIR 15


Type : ReactIRTM 15 (Mettler Toledo).

Technical Data :
- Resolution: 4cm-1 maximum resolution
- C22, sensor ATR Silicon
- Optical Range: 2500-650cm-1
- Operating Range (Temp.): -80 /180°C
- Probe pH Range: 1-9
- Probe Pressure Range: vacuum - 1000 psi (69 bar)
- Detector: MCT – 24hr, SE MCT

Uses :The in situ FT-IR technique is an appropriate tool for reaction monitoring of organic and organometallic compounds. The use of ReactIRTM 15 allows for: i) the real time analysis of organic and organometallic species; ii) the detection/identification of reaction intermediates; iii) the evaluation of reaction kinetics; and iv) the knowledge-driven optimization of novel reaction schemes. The ReactIRTM 15 may allow for the IR characterization of highly sensitive materials as well upon inert and mild conditions.

Contact :

Saloua Chelli-Lakhdar