Lepage Mathieu

Prix DivCD Jeune Chimiste Confirmé 2024 : Mathieu Lepage

ERC Bourissou

The LHFA is extremely proud of the ERC Advanced 2022 scholarship awarded to Didier Bourissou.

Congratulations, Didier, the gold will shine even brighter!

Structure RX

Arrêt sur image sur les espèces réactives de catalyseurs au platine

Cristal CNRS

It’s a great pleasure to announce that Isabelle Favier has been awarded with the CNRS Crystal Medal 2022 in recognition of her original and valuable work.

Congrats Isabelle !

The ONCORUN, charity race for the benefit of cancer research, took place Sunday February 6th. About fifteen people from the LHFA took part, under a radiant sun, an atmosphere of madness, with superb performances and above all a lot of smiles!

A huge thank you to them for this participation, and to the supporters who came to brave the cold to encourage us!  

Le LHFA participe à la Fête de la Science, le 1er et 8 octobre 2021

Dr Didier Bourissou has been nominated as an Academia Europaea member. Congratulations Didier and team LBPB for the new recognition.

Un bond en avant vers un cycle vertueux du silicium