Brief history

Paul Sabatier


The “Laboratoire Hétérochimie Fondamentale et Applqiquée » (LHFA) is a joint research unit CNRS - University Paul Sabatier (UMR CNRS 5069). It is derived from the Organometallic lab, which was founded by Pr Michel Lesbre and affiliated to CNRS in 1967. Originally focused on the chemistry of organic compounds of germanium, its activity gradually spread to the other heteroelements under the successive direction of Prof. Jacques Satge and Dr.. Pierre Mazerolles. Laboratory adopted its present title in 1994 under the direction of Prof. Jacques Dubac and becomes joint research unit of CNRS in 1999 with the arrival of Dr. Guy Bertrand, Director until 2005. The laboratory has then led by Dr. Antoine Baceiredo (2006-2010), by Dr. Didier Bourissou (2011-2020), and since 2021, by Prof. Montserrat Gomez.