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Team "Ligands Bifonctionnels et Polymères Biodégradables"

Groupe 2021

The LBPB group (« Ligands Bifonctionnels et Polymères Biodégradables ») is composed by around fifteen members with 5 permanent researchers: Didier Bourissou (DR CNRS and Professor at Ecole Polytechnique), Blanca Martin-Vaca (Pr UPS), Ghenwa Bouhadir (MCF UPS), Julien Monot (MCF UPS) and György Szaloki (CR CNRS). Our research activities concern mainly the design of bifunctional ligands for their applications in organic and organometallic chemistry along with the controlled synthesis of biodegradable polymers.

The chemistry of the main group elements (P, B, Si…) is a common denominator of these topics. State-of-the-art analytical technics and theoretical studies are used and developed to design and rationalize the structure and properties of the prepared objects. Our approach consists in developing molecular and macromolecular objects with controlled properties for applications in catalysis and sustained release of active ingredients. These topics are developed thanks to institutional grants (ANR, Marie Sklodowska-Curie program) and/or within industrial collaborations (Lacroix-Ruggieri, IFPEN…).

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