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Team "Systèmes Métalliques Appliqués en Catalyse"

The main research of our team is the catalysis by transition metals (Pd, Pt, Ru, Rh, Mo, Cu), from organometallic complexes (Pd, Mo, Rh) and preformed metallic nanoparticles (Pd, Pt, Ru, Pt/Ru, Rh, Cu or Cu2O).

Particular study on understanding the reactivity is considered, comprising modeling studies. The catalytic reactivity discussed includes a wide range of transformations, including enantioselective versions: C-C and C-heteroatome cross coupling, allylic substitutions, olefins epoxydation, hydrogenations, cycloadditions… focusing in particular on the multi-step processes with conditions one-pot (sequential processes, tandem). In this context, polymetallic systems are developed to find cooperative effects between different metal centers in catalysis.

In recent years, we were interested to solvents other than conventional organic solvents, with the desire to work under "homogeneous" conditions in an environment that would allow the stabilization of metallic species and their immobilization (ionic liquids, glycerol) and hence easy recycling of the catalytic phase.



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Chemical technologies for the valorization of industrial wastes

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